5 reasons to write a better job posting

You’re busy (we understand!), and writing a detailed job posting can seem like a hassle.  However, before you opt to leave the position description field blank or write the bare minimum just to satisfy form requirements, consider this: better job postings save time and money by producing more compatible applicants.  They clarify who and what you are looking for and what the successful candidate can expect from the organization.  In short, they attract the most compatible applicants and greater compatibility means easier applicant screening, more successful candidates and ultimately increased employee retention.  Writing a better job posting may take a little longer but your investment will pay off by saving time and money in the long run!  So here are 5 reasons to write a better job posting:

Showcase your organization to attract top performers!

Posting a job is a great opportunity to showcase your organization and outline what makes you stand apart from the competition!  In addition to outlining daily responsibilities, be sure to include reasons why your organization is a great place to work.  Do you offer quick advancement opportunities?  Flexible hours?  Vacation?  Benefits?  Pension?  Discounts?  Top performers will need good reasons to risk leaving stable employment elsewhere to join your team!  Tell them what you have to offer; they want to know!

Maximize content searchability!

Including specific and well written content in your job posting will make it easier for suitable candidates to find you!  Search engines are content based, and they use key words and phrases to determine how your job posting will rank in search results.  Strategically including key words in a detailed job posting will allow search engines to catalogue and find the information, and will increase the probability of your posting ranking higher in search results, especially when less common duties or position characteristics are included.

Get help spreading the word!

Better job postings are more likely to be shared!  When someone is looking for work, friends and family keep an eye out and are usually keen to share job postings they believe would be a good match.  Postings that advertise reputable employers and list specific knowledge, skills and benefits are most likely to catch the attention of others who will help to connect you with top quality candidates!

Save your organization time and money!

Writing a better job posting will save you time by answering applicant’s questions in advance and attracting the most qualified candidates.  Consider the most important qualities and skills needed to succeed in the position and list them clearly.  Similarly, consider the main questions an applicant is likely to ask (including possible work locations, hours and approximate rate of pay) and answer them.  This will encourage only those who believe they possess the required skills and experience, and are satisfied with the terms of employment to apply.

Find out who is paying attention and really wants the job!

Generic job postings invite generic resumes and do not let applicants know what or who you are actually looking for.  The result will be a pile of resumes that all look and sound the same, wasting time by making it more difficult to pre-screen and shortlist candidates.  Tell your applicants exactly what the demands of the position are and how they can strengthen your organization.  Being specific and upfront about your requirements will invite only qualified applicants, and will save the headache of sifting through the rest!  A strategically written job posting is also a great opportunity to screen for the type of candidate that would excel in your organization.  In addition to listing the usual roles and responsibilities, leave cues in your posting to see who takes note and customizes their resume accordingly!  Use statements like “looking for a candidate who excels at social media and can build a strong and stable online presence.”  Then watch to see who responds.  These opportunities provide candidates with a chance to expand on their experience and prepare for a potential interview.  It will also help you to easily distinguish mass produced resumes from those specifically written with your job in mind!

Better job postings attract better applicants, plain and simple.  They showcase your organization and appeal to top performers by including some of the perks of working for you!  Specific and well written content makes it easier for qualified applicants to find you, by maximizing online searchability and the likelihood that your posting will be shared by others.  Better job postings also save time and money by answering applicant’s questions in advance.  They enable you to quickly screen for who is really paying attention, and identify generic, mass produced applications.  Being specific and clear about exactly what you need and what you have to offer is key in finding the best match for your job.  Putting in the time to find the most compatible employee also increases the likelihood that they will be a good fit and happily remain a part of your organization for years to come.  Better to do it right than to do it over.

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