Creating a job alert

Too busy to troll job boards everyday but also afraid of missing out on a great opportunity because you didn’t see the posting in time? Good news!  Now you can create a job alert with and receive daily, or weekly email notifications about job opportunities in Kingston, and the surrounding area that match your criteria.

What are the benefits of a job alert?

Creating a job alert will ensure that all job opportunities that meet your criteria will be emailed directly to you!  No more searching.  No more scrolling through hundreds of irrelevant jobs to find something of interest, and most importantly, no more missed opportunities.  Once your job alert criteria are set, your search is over. will automatically send all relevant job postings directly to you!

What criteria should I use?

At first, it is a good idea to cast a wide net.  Keeping your criteria broad will ensure that you don’t miss out on any jobs of interest.  Initially, we recommend setting your criteria based on job category only (eg. accounting), and only narrowing your search by other criteria (eg. type, duration, schedule etc.) if your initial search yields too many results.  This will ensure that you receive alerts for jobs in your field.

How do I create a job alert?

Just follow these four simple steps to create a job alert.

Step 1

  1. Click “Advanced Search” in the “Candidates” menu.

Note: Anyone can create an alert and unsubscribe at anytime.  However, you will need to create an account if you wish to edit your alert criteria.

Job Alert Step 1

Step 2

  1. Select the criteria for the type of employment opportunity you are interested in.

Note: the more criteria you add, the narrower your search will be.  We suggest starting with a wide search, then narrowing it if necessary.

Job Alert Step 2

Step 3

  1. From the results page, click “Subscribe to this Search”

Job Alert Step 3

Step 4

  1. Once the subscription panel opens, enter your email address.
  2. Select whether you would like to receive daily or weekly notifications
  3. Click “Subscribe.”

Job Alert Step 4

It’s that easy! Your job search is taken care of. Now all you need to do is read our article on resume writing, download one of our professional resume templates and be prepared for an interview.