Writing a Chronological Resume

To write an effective chronological resume, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully read the job description and determine the specific qualities, skills, experiences and educational requirements for the position. Try to organize this information in order of importance to the employer.  Take note of anything they emphasize or reference repeatedly in the posting.  This is generally a clear indication of its importance to the position and you need to recognize it.
  2. In reverse chronological order (most recent first), list your related employment experience. Your list should include position titles, company names and the years you were employed.
  3. Using a bullet list, expand on each position noted in ‘step 2’, using the information collected in ‘step 1’ as a guide. Briefly outlining skills, experiences and achievements that are relevant to the job, using key words from the job posting, search criteria and relevant industry.

Skills and Abilities

This section of your resume provides an opportunity to showcase the specific skills and abilities you would bring to the position. In short, it tells employers what you could do for them and why you would be an asset if hired.

Customer Service
  • Patiently attended to customer needs, answered questions and offered assistance
  • Addressed customer inquiries by telephone, email and in-person
  • Completed returns and arranged for the repair of products under warranty
  • Contacted customers to seek feedback regarding products and services and completed satisfaction surveys
Office Administration
  • Prepared professional documents including letters, invoices and spreadsheets using Microsoft Office software
  • Responded to inquiries regarding products and services
  • Maintained customer database and retrieved relevant information to file monthly reports
  • Oversaw daily operations and troubleshot technical difficulties with our office printers, photocopiers and fax machines
Retail Sales
  • Welcomed customers as they entered the store and offered friendly service
  • Accepted payment using cash, debit and credit cards, completed returns and processed refunds
  • Arranged and maintained displays, including marketing materials for special promotions
  • Tagged merchandise and input prices into computer system
Wait Staff
  • Attended tables and provided fast, friendly service
  • Recorded orders and answered questions regarding menu items
  • Made kitchen staff aware of customer allergies or special requests
  • Bused tables and organized flatware, napkins and menus for new customers
  • Processed cash, debit and credit card payments
  • Trained new staff

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